Joseck Olukusi Alwala

Name: Joseck Olukusi Alwala

Contact details:



Academic Qualification

Institution [ Date from – to ]Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Moi University,(Kenya) 2018-to dateMaster’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry
University of Eldoret(Kenya) 2009-2014Bsc (Chemistry)
Technical University of Kenya(2004-2006)Higher National Diploma In Analytical Chemistry

Field of Specialization

  • Analytical Chemistry, Soil Science

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Kenya Chemical Society( KCS)-Organizing Secretary

Work Experience

Date from toInstitution, Location (City, Country)Person Responsible ToPositionResponsibilities/Duties
2015-to dateKibabii UniversityPrincipal Technician
  • Laboratory administration and management,
  • preparation of laboratory manuals for undergraduate students,
  • supervision of other technical staffs, preparation of chemicals and reagents for undergraduate classes,
  • presenting practical’s to students,
  • supervision of undergraduate students during laboratory session,
2008-2015Maseno UniversitySenior Technologist
  • presenting practical’s to students
  • supervision of undergraduate students during laboratory session
2006-2008Ministry of roads, Materials BranchTechnologist
  • Chemical analysis of materials
  • Engineering and both raw and finished industrial products to ascertain the required parameters
  • Routine hands on experience on common analysis of water, soil and cement

Professional Research Interest

  • Analytical Organic Chemistry
  • Nano Technology

Selected Publications 2015-2018: Books and Book Chapters

  • Alwala, J. (2013). Sorption and Availability of Potassium in Selected Soils from Kenya: Effects of organic matter and pH on concentration of adsorbed potassium in sugarcane and maize growing zones, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN-10: 3659416770

Selected Publications 2015-2018: Scientific Articles Published in Refereed Journals

  1. Wanzala, W., Osundwa,E.M., Gakuubi, M. M., Alwala, J.O.(2016). Chemical composition of essential oil of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) A. Gray from the Southern slopes of Mount Elgon in Western Kenya” Indian Journal of Ethno-PhytoPharmaceuticals
  2. Wanzala, W., Syombua, M., Alwala,J.O. (2015).A survey of the applications and use of Ethnomedicinal plants and plant products for healthcare from Ukambani in eastern Kenya.Journal of ethnobotany, research and applications.
  3. Alwala, J.O., Kiema, F.M., Wanzala, W.O. (2014). Determination of tannins in African indigenous vegetables, grains and cassava roots from Emuhaya district, western Kenya. American Journal of Nutrition and Food Science.
  4. Solomon Omwoma, W. Nyaigoti Omwoyo, Joseck. O. Alwala, David M. K. Ongeri, Lagat C. Sylus & Joseph O.Lalah (2012). Nutrient reduction in runoff water from sugarcane farms by sedimentation method. The Environmentalist, ISSN 0251-1088, Volume 32, no. 4 (494-502).
  5. Alwala,J.O.,Wanzala,W.,Inyambukho,R.A.,Osundwa,E.M.,Ndiege,I.O. (2009).Characterization and Evaluation of Repellent Effect of Essential Oil of Mangifera indica L. from Kenya. Journal of essential oil bearing plants, ISSN 0972-060X. vol. 13 no. 1.