Martha Muthoni Konje

Name: Martha Muthoni Konje

Contact details:



Academic Qualification

Institution [ Date from – to ]Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Kenyatta University, Kenya- (Ongoing)PhD in Botany (Plant Ecology) – Ongoing
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia- (20002002)Msc. in Biodiversity Consevation
Kenyatta University, Kenya – (1995-1999)B/ED Science (Biology & Chemistry)

Field of Specialization

  • Botany (Plant Ecology)
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Environmental Sciences

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member and Alumni of Organization of Women in Science in Developing countries (OWSD)
  • Member of Ecological Society for Eastern Africa (ESEA)
  • Member of Nature Kenya programme
  • Member of Kakamega Forest Environmental Education Programme (KEEP)

Work Experience

Date from toInstitution, Location (City, Country)PositionResponsibilities/Duties
2003-2009Masinde Muliro University of Science & TechnologyAssistant Lecturer
  • Teaching
  • Research work
  • Students’ Academic Advisor
  • Community service
2010-2015Masinde Muliro University of Science & TechnologyLecturer
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Students’ Academic Advisor
  • Coordinator- University Botanical Gardens
  • Community service
2015-2019Kibabii UniversitySenior Lecturer
  • Head of Biological Sciences Department
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Academic Advisor
  • Supervision
  • Community Service

Professional Research Interest

  • Research in Biodiversity Conservation
  • Environmental studies
  • Climate change and community development

Research Experience and Funds Attracted

YearPosition in ProjectResponsibilities/DutiesResearch/Project TitleAmount (?, €, $, KES)


YearPosition in Consultancy TeamResponsibilities/DutiesConsultancy/Project TitleAmount (?, €, $, KES)

Selected Publications 2015-2018: Books and Book Chapters


Selected Publications 2015-2018: Scientific Articles Published in Refereed Journals

  1. Sandra Khatiebi, Donald Siamba, Zedekiah Onyando, Chrispinus Mulmbala and Martha Konje. (2018). Heavy metal contamination at dumpsites at Eldoret, Kenya, in the Lake Victoria Basin. African Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries 16: 93-97 (2018). Pages 93-97.
  2. Khatiebi Sandra, Siamba Donald Namasaka, Konje Martha Muthoni, Mulambalah Chrispinus Siteti. (2017). Physicochemical characteristics and Biodegradability of organic fraction of solid wastes generated in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya. Research Journal of Environmental and Earth Sciences, Vol. 7(3): Pages 42-49.
  3. Hillary Koros, Itambo Malombe, Kaleb Mwendwa, Pascaline Jeruto, Humphrey Agevi, and Martha Konje. (2016). Indigenous Knowledge, Uses and Conservation of Prunus africana(Hook. F.) Kalkman in Nandi Forests. Journal of Natural Sciences Research, Vol.6, No.14, 2016. Pages 56-62.
  4. Hillary K. Koros, Martha M. Konje, Margaret M. Wambua, Christopher K. Chesire, Dickens Odeny, Itambo B. Malombe (2016). Population Status and Conservation Hotspots of Prunus Africana (Hook. F.) Kalkman in South Nandi Forest, Western Kenya. Researchjournali’s Journal of Forestry, Vol. 3,No.4. July, 2016. Pages 1-13.
  5. Lenard Obiet, Konje Martha, Muyekho Francis, Danyuku Esther, Kigen Charles, Wamalwa Stella, Kassilly Fredrick & Wabusya Moses (2014). Forage Availability and Quality for the Impala (Aepyceros Melampus (Brian)Kathryh) of Impala Sanctuary, Kenya. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research Vol. 5, pp 1896-1899 (Oct, 2014)
  6. Vuyiya E, Konje M, Tsingalia H, Obiet L, Kigen C, Wamalwa S, Nyongesa Humphrey (2014) The impacts of human activities on tree species richness and diversity in Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya; International Journal of Biodiversity Conservation; Vol.6 (6) pg 428-435
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  8. Wabusya W, Konje M, Nyongesa H, Tsingalia H and Wekesa R. (2014). Influence of land use practices on plant species richness and growth forms in Nzoia River Drainage Basin. Elixir Appl. Biology 68 (2014) 22197-22200
  9. Mutonyi, J., Shibairo S., Chemining’wa, G, Olubayo, F, Nyongesa, H, Konje, M. (2014). Effects of N and K fertilization of sugarcane (Saccharum oficinarum) on acrisols in Western Kenya. Elixir Agriculture 67 (2014) pg 21669-21675
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  11. Konje M., P. Okoth, H.Tsingalia, C. Kigen, H. Nyongesa, A. Njue and M. Wabusya (2013). Influence of Soil Properties and Environmental Variables on Plant Communities in Lake Naivasha Drainage Basin; Kenya. Elixir Pollution 64: 19215-19221
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