Dr. Robert Wanjala Nyukuri

Name: Dr. Robert Wanjala Nyukuri

Contact details:

E-mail: rnyukuri@kibu.ac.ke

Website: kibu.ac.ke

Academic Qualification

Institution [ Date from – to ]Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
Moi University, Kenya, 2009-2014PhD-(Zoology/Entomology)
Moi University, Kenya, 2004-2008Master of Philosophy-(Zoology/Entomology)
Moi University, Kenya, 1998-2003Bachelor of Education-Science

Field of Specialization

  • Zoology-Entomology

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Member, Kenya Association of Educational Administration and Management. [KAEAM]
  • Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management. [CCEAM]
  • Member, Entomological Society of Kenya. [ESK]

Work Experience

Date from toInstitution, Location (City, Country)Person Responsible ToPositionResponsibilities/Duties
2015-PresentKibabii University, Bungoma, KenyaCOD-BESLecturer
  • Teaching and Lecturing
  • UASU Chair-Kibabii University Chapter
  • Active research
  • Undergraduate and Post graduate students’ supervision
  • Member;University Senate and Deans’ committees; Adhoc committee to develop a conferences and seminars policy;Member, Research, industrial linkages, extension and innovation committee; Member, Environmental conservation committee; Member, Community outreach committee; Member, Technical University Research Committee; Member, University Graduate School Board; Member, Adhoc Committee on Academic Probe; Member, Part- time teaching and Management Policy Committee; Chair, Pest Control and Monitoring Tool Development Committee;Member, National CBA 2013-17 Implementation Committee; Spokesman, Internal CBA 2013-17 Negotiation team; Member, University Benevolent fund committee; Member, Healthy Policy Committee
2014-2015University of Eldoret,KenyaCOD-Biological SciencesLecturer
  • Teaching and Lecturing
  • Active research
2010-2014University of Eldoret,KenyaCOD-Biological SciencesAssistant Lecturer
  • Teaching and Lecturing
  • Active research
2005-2010St.Peters’ MusikomaPrincipalTeacher
  • Teaching Biology/Chemistry

Professional Research Interest

  • Entomology

Research Experience and Funds Attracted

YearPosition in ProjectResponsibilities/DutiesResearch/Project TitleAmount (?, €, $, KES)


YearPosition in Consultancy TeamResponsibilities/DutiesConsultancy/Project TitleAmount (?, €, $, KES)

Selected Publications 2015-2018: Books and Book Chapters

Selected Publications 2015-2018: Scientific Articles Published in Refereed Journals

  1. Makila,J.; Nyukuri, R.W.;Mwongula,A.; (2018). Consumer preference of termites Pseudocanthotermes grandiceps (Isoptera: Termitidea) in Western Kenya.International Journal of Life Sciences Research, 6(3): 218-225
  2. Makila,J.; Nyukuri, R.W.;Mwongula,A.; (2018). Swarming inducement of Pseudocanthotermes grandiceps alates in response to food security in Kenya.International Journal of Life Sciences Research, 6(3): 226-230
  3. Makila,J.; Nyukuri, R.W.;Mwongula,A.W.; Wanjala, F.M.E.; Bagine,R.K.; (2018). Proximate Composition of Pseudocanthotermes grandiceps (Isoptera: Termitidea) in Western Kenya: Comparison with Nile Perch fish and Red meat. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations, 6(2): 102-106
  4. Makila,J.; Nyukuri, R.W.;Mwongula,A.W.; (2018). Integrated bean aphid management (Homoptera:Aphididae) on bean crop (Phaseoli vulgaris) in Western Kenya. International Journal of Thesis Projects and Dissertations (UTPD), 6(2): 8-29
  5. Mukanda, M.; Nyukuri, R.W.; Rotich, G.; (2016). Effect of using Insecticide Treated Nets [ITNs] on seasonality dynamics of malaria prevalence among expectant mothers. International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, 3 (6): 183-194
  6. Cheramgoi,E.;Wanjala,F.M.E.;Sudoi,V.;Wanyoko,J.;Mwamburi,L.; Nyukuri, R.W .; (2016). Efficacy and mode of applications of local Beauveria bassiana isolates in the control of the tea weevil. Annual Research and Review in Biology Journal. 10(1):1-8
  7. Rotich,G.; Nyukuri, R.W .; Oduor,N.;Mmbone,S.;Cheboi,J.J.; Kiptoo,J.J.;(2016). Efficacy of varied concentrations of Fipronil 200 G/L in the graveyard (Field Trial Test) control of termites. American Chemical Science Journal. 11(1):1-6
  8. Rotich, G.; Nyukuri, R.W.; Oduor,N.; Wanjala, F.M.; Kiptoo,J.J.; (2016). Comparative efficacy of varied concentrations of Fipronil in the laboratory management of termites. American Chemical Science Journal. 10(4):1-7