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Message from CoD, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Biological, Environmental and Natural Resource Management. The department is housed in the Faculty of Science. The department caters for the needs of the student’s ranging from undergraduate up to post-graduate level. The department offers courses in the field of Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Natural Resource Management and Health Sciences. The department also services other departments and faculties among them Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, department of Agriculture and Veterinary sciences and department of Science, Engineering and Technology. The department has competent academic and technical staff, equipped laboratories and state of the art facilities for teaching and research work.

The Objectives of the Department:

  • To teach , train and produce quality graduates
  • To promote quality education by offering academic programmmes based on societal needs
  • To promote linkages and partnerships both with local and international institutions
  • To engage in scientific research and innovation to address societal challenges
  • To actively participate in community services and liaisons to disseminate knowledge and promote national cohesion and integration


Courses Offered:

  1. Bsc. in Biology
  2. Bsc. in Bioresource Conservation and Management
  3. Bsc. in Environmental Sciences
  4. Msc. in Zoology


Proposed Courses To Be Offered:

  1. Bsc. in Biotechnology
  2. Bsc. in Conservation Biology
  3. Bsc. in Microbiology
  4. Bsc. in Forensic Science
  5. Msc. in Environmental Sciences
  6. Msc. in Natural Resource management
  7. Msc. in Microbiology
  8. Msc. in Botany
  9. Msc. in Fish Biology and Aquaculture
  10. Msc. in Immunology
  11. Msc. in Applied Entomology
  12. Msc. in Medical Parasitology


Proposed Diploma and short Courses

  1. Diploma in Applied Biology
  2. Diploma in Science, Laboratory and Technology
  3. Diploma in Wildlife Management and Conservation
  4. Diploma in Community Health
  5. Short course (6 months) in Environmental Impact Assessment
  6. Bridging in Biology (3 months) course

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