“Master of Science in Microbiology”; The New Academic Call at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

The Commission of University Education (CUE) recently allowed Kibabii University to offer this programme, having met all the requisite quality and regulatory training requirements. The University Joins few other institutions of higher learning to take the niche of excellence in training researchers and scholars in Microbiology starting the year 2023. The programme targets candidates with Bachelor’s Degrees in Botany, Zoology, Microbiology or related sciences. Interested candidates are encouraged to get in touch with the Chairperson of the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. We wish the upcoming students success in their endeavour as they pursue this path of excellence.
Dr. Lucy Chikamai (Second Right) and Victor Okello (First right) after a post-accreditation consultative meeting on January 19;2023. Dr. Chikamai is the Dean, Faculty of Science while Victor Okello is the Ag. CoD; Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Joseph Wanjala Kilwake (Third right) and Elizabeth Lyani (First left) participated in the meeting. Dr. Kilwake is a visiting consultant at the Faculty of science.
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