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  • Janet-Lilian-Maina-Defense

    Janet Lilian Maina Defense

    Janet Lilian Maina a student of Masters in Pure Mathematics successfully defended her thesis entitled “2-MODULAR REPRESENTATIONS OF UNITARY GROUP U3 (4)” on 06-06-2019 in SGS boardroom

  • Joseck Olukusi Alwala

    Joseck Olukusi Alwala

    Name: Joseck Olukusi Alwala Contact details: E-mail: jalwala@kibu.ac.ke Website: kibu.ac.ke Academic Qualification Institution [ Date from – to ] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained: Moi University,(Kenya) 2018-to date Master’s Degree in Analytical […]


Latest Research

Wheat Spikelet Length Response to Phosphate Fertilizers on Acid Soils in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Authors: P. R. Simatwo 1; P. S. Oluko 2;  , S. Kebeney 3
1Ministry of Agriculture, P.O.Box 95, Eldoret, Kenya , e-mail: psimatwo[at]yahoo.com
2Kibabii University, Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, P.O. Box 1699-50200, Bungoma, Kenya
3University of Eldoret, Department of Soil Science, P.O. Box 1125-30100, Eldoret, Kenya Abstract: ...

An SEIQR Mathematical Model for The Spread of COVID-19

Authors: Samuel B. Apima 1 and Jacinta M. Mutwiwa 2
1Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Kaimosi Friends University College, Kenya.
2Department of Mathematics, Kibabii University, Kenya. Abstract
COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, is a respiratory infection which is spread between humans through small droplets expelled when a person with COVID-19 sneezes, ...

Advection and its applications: Trajectories over Busia County

Authors: Juma GS 1, Nebat Kituni1, Makokha JW 2
1 Department of Mathematics, Kibabii University, Kenya
2 Department of Physics, Kibabii University, Kenya ABSTRACT
Advection is defined as a conservative transport of a substance by bulk motion. The substances include pollutants, enthalpy or any material that contains thermal energy. This ...