Future Agricultural Scientists Sum it All with a “Thank you”Agricultural scientists examine  aspects of living organisms and the relationships of plants and animals to their environment, conduct basic research in laboratories or in the field and  apply the results to such roles as increasing crop and animal yields. Depending on the area of specialization, agricultural scientists may plan and administer programs for testing foods, drugs, and other products among other tasks.

The Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences (AVS) at Kibabii University under administrative jurisdiction of Dr. Kefa Osolo Nyende has not been left behind in contributing to this discourse. In this regard, outgoing students in the department are not taking anything for granted. They are privy of the gigantic mentorship and training role the department of AVS has played in their lives and are ready to apply skills and attitudes gained at the University during their four year study period. They summed it all with a humble thanksgiving event held on Monday 16th , 2020 in the COD’s office. 

Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences wishes them well in their endeavors.