Dr. L. Chikamai
Dean Faculty of Science
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Warm welcome to the Faculty of Science. This is one of the most vibrant faculties at Kibabii University. We are at the forefront toward the realization of our vision- To be a global and dynamic University of excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation. Currently, the faculty has departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biological Sciences offering bachelors programme in Mathematics, MSc in Physics and MSc in Statistics. We also work jointly with the faculty of education in the training of innovative science teachers taking courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students’ enrollment in the faculty of Science in this 2013/2014 academic year stands at 154 undergraduates and 11 postgraduate students and we expect this number to grow significantly every subsequent academic year.

Teaching and Learning Resources

The faculty has made great strides to acquire scientific literature in terms of books and e-learning materials as well as having in place a physics laboratory. Most of our students have personal laptops and can access e-books and other on-line academic information. With subsequent improvement in our internet connectivity, we envisage to cut a niche as a centre for information technology with high integration of the same in our science courses. Our approach to teaching and learning is student-centred and there is adequate accessibility to lecturers, chairmen of departments and dean by the students. It is a classic case of student-mentor relationship.

Professor of Physics wins National Commission of Science & Technology (NACOSTI) award

Professor Yudah Ayodo of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science was awarded an innovation grant worth KShs.650,000 by the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation. The title of the innovation project is ‘Micro-Controlled Solar Device for Lighting and Powering Laptops for Pupils in Off-Grid Rural Households’. The project shall be carried out for a period of two years. The collaborators in this project are Eng. Edwin Kataka of Kibabii University and Mr. Rotich Kitiyo of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.

The main objectives of the project are to provide a hygienic and efficient LED solar lighting for pupils and to provide a mechanism for powering and charging pupils laptops in off-grid rural households. Some of the expected results from this work are: Reduced cases of ailments associated with the use of kerosene lamps in rural households; Enhanced use of laptops by pupils due to more reliable source of power; Improved academic performance since pupils will have more reliable source of light for doing their homework and to have Kibabii University as an incubation centre for mass production of the solar device. A lot of thanks to NACOSTI for the award. A lot of gratitude is also extended to the Deputy Principal in charge of academics, research and extension, Prof. S. Shibairo for initiating the original motivation for this project. The research Co-ordinator, Dr. Obino also did well in providing updated briefs from NACOSTI.