Fishing as an economic activity has gainful implications to National Development. Mortality instigated by occupational hazards is a current subject of research significance globally. This study made attempts to assess the associations between categorical variables using Logistic Regression. Logistic regression analysis targeting 3058 deceased fishermen was carried out spanning 1998-2000. Associative relationships among categorical variables were determined using Statistical Analysis System (SAS). The findings reveal that the major causes of death were: HIV – related infections (33.8%), drowning (14.3%), pulmonary tuberculosis (12.4%), and malaria (10.4%). Factors influencing HIV – related mortality were: age group (p = 0.0025), Counties of residence (Busia, Kisumu, Migori and Siaya) all of which had similar p value (0.0001). The risk factors associated with deaths due to drowning were: age group (p =<0.0001), use of a combination of sails and paddles (p = <0.0001), use of paddle (p = 0.0003), Secondary education (p = <0.0001) and drinking of alcohol (p = 0.0012).The study concluded that the probability of death occurrence was closely related to HIV infections over the area of study.