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Logistic Regression Analysis of Mortality Among Fishermen in the Riperian Counties of Lake Victoria, Kenya

Fishing as an economic activity has gainful implications to National Development. Mortality instigated by occupational hazards is a current subject of research significance globally. This study made attempts to assess the associations between categorical variables using Logistic Regression. Logistic regression analysis targeting 3058 deceased fishermen was carried out spanning 1998-2000 ...

Influence of Crop Age on Nutritional Quality and Hydrogen Cyanide Levels of Roots from Popular Coastal Kenyan Cassava Varieties

Cassava is an important crop in coastal Kenya commonly harvested at 12 months after planting but earlier during food shortages. There is limited information that addresses the effect of early harvesting on root quality especially for newly released varieties. Varieties Tajirika, Karembo and Kibanda Meno (roots) were harvested at different ...